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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I jottle?
  • What's special about Jottle?
  • Jottle allows you to video chat with others around the world on your terms. Chat with real people, face-to-face, without worries about inappropriate video streams, thanks to our face screening technology. With Jottle face screening, you'll be sure to be chatting face-to-face with a person; initially all other parts of the video image are masked out.
  • What do I need in order to Jottle?
  • Jottle works in any browser on PCs and Macs. You'll need a video camera attached to your computer and Adobe Flash Player installed.
  • I get a popup “ Camera and Microphone Access" that says “ is requesting access to your camera and microphone. If you click Allow, you may be recorded." What should I do?
  • Press the “Allow" button to allow Jottle to forward your video and audio to another Jottler. If you'd like, you can right-click (PC) or command-click (Mac) on this popup to have Adobe Flash Player remember the Allow setting so Jottle won't ask you again. Despite the warning in the popup, will never see your video or audio since it is only sent to the person you're jottling with.
  • What does the “Jottle" button do?
  • Once Jottle has found your face, press the “Jottle" button to be connected to another Jottler and begin video chatting. Any time you press the “Jottle" button you will end your current conversation and be connected with a new Jottler.
  • What does the “Trust" button do?
  • Once Jottle has paired you with another Jottler, Jottle's software will allow you to see only the other person's face. We call this “face screening". If you are comfortable with the person you are chatting with, press the “Trust" button, which will turn face screening off and allow you to receive normal, fully unrestricted video from your partner. When you press the “Trust" button, this only deactivates the face screening software on your partner's camera; your camera will still be screened until your partner also presses the “Trust" button. Both “Trust" buttons will automatically be pressed after 30 seconds of chat. You may press the “Untrust" button at any time during the chat to reactivate face screening.
  • Jottle can't find my face. My video window is black. What's wrong?
  • For the best results, make sure your face is about an arm's length away from the camera, and in a room that is well lit from in front of you. If Jottle continues to have trouble recognizing your face, press the video dropdown menu above your video image and try switching to a different web camera.

    Likewise, if you find that you are having trouble with your microphone, try changing the microphone settings in the microphone dropdown menu above your video window. Also, to change the microphone volume, drag the blue line at the bottom left of your video window, to either the left (to lower the volume) or to the right (to increase the volume).
  • What are Jottle Groups, and how do I use them?
  • See the Jottle Groups FAQ.