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Frequently Asked Questions about Jottle Groups

  • What is Jottle Groups?
  • We created Jottle Groups for groups of two or two thousand, to allow you to instantly create (or join) a live video-chat session with others with similar interests.

    No setup or account needed — just give your group a name and share with others. With Jottle face screening, you'll be sure to be chatting face-to-face with a person; initially all other parts of the video image are masked out.

  • How is Jottle Groups different from Jottle?
  • With Jottle you can chat with anyone across the world. Every time you Jottle you meet someone new!

    With Jottle Groups, the difference is that you will be video chatting with someone from your group or area, or someone who shares your interests, because you’ll only be matched with those visiting the same Jottle Group.

  • How can I use Jottle Groups
  • You tell us!

    We have seen Jottle Groups used for fans of sports teams, bands, schools, fraternities, speed dating, sales teams.

    Keep in mind that Jottle Groups work great for groups that know each other, as well as those who don't!

  • How do I start or join a group
  • To create or join a Jottle Group, just go to, and in the blue Jottle Groups box, enter the name of the desired group. You will be automatically taken to a session just for people in that group.

    You can share you Jottle Group by using the share buttons or simply telling people the name of your group.

  • How does Jottle work?
  • See the Jottle FAQ.